Off topic but how did you add the picture to your CodePlex home page?

first post: CorbyNichols wrote: I wanted to add pictures to my pages and didn't know how. Sorry t...

Deploying Silverlight media player 4.0 into sharepoint 2010

first post: mayank_luckiet11 wrote: Please let me know how can i use this media player with sharepoint...

how to build such projects?

first post: sankarmj wrote: DrABELL,i'm new to could you build this project? by...

Replacing default.aspx in the root directory might wreck content management systems that make heavy use of it for virtual paging

first post: Chromebuster wrote: Hi all,Please correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I was wonderi...

Not working on production win server 2003

first post: joeliste wrote: hi,i use the mediaplayer component in my existing 4 applica...

latest post: joeliste wrote: ok sorry for that it works perfectly, the deployement didn...

skinning using custom images

first post: ewolfman wrote: Is it possible to have buttons using custom images? If I understand...

latest post: ewolfman wrote: I got it working. To be honest, I'm not sure what I did differently...

Media Item data

first post: Rambaldi wrote: in xml file if add new movie <silverMediaItem ID="2">

Keep controls on screen

first post: rockinthesix wrote: I want to use the SIMPLE theme, but I want to keep the controls on ...

Formats Supported

first post: rockinthesix wrote: What formats are supported by this player? Is it basic AVI, WMV, MPG?

latest post: gferrigno wrote: looks like at least WMV is supported

Silverlight Media Player (3.0) with .flv

first post: deepaksivanandan wrote: Can we play .flv files with Silverlight Media Player (3.0)?

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